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Sanaa Botros

TICO Office Manager

Theodor Bilharz Research Institute

  • To pursue major multi- and interdisciplinary research initiatives that guarantee national and international recognition.
  • Develop solid ties with industry and investors (investigating the needs and marketing research results).
  • Structure and negotiate license agreements to promote and protect innovators' and TBRI's rights in novel technologies.
  • Provide coaching and networking services that promote innovation based to benefit society

Establish a Technology innovation platform by build up staff capabilities that guarantee sustainability of the office .


             Dear website visitors, on behalf of TBRI Technology Innovation Commercialization office (TICO) staff I would like to welcome you to our new website. The currently established TICO office sponsored by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology not only at Theodor Bilharz Research Institute (TBRI), but also at several research institutes in Egypt are meant to support all innovative research activities with more inclusion into international research programs and involvement with industry. Our TICO office supports different activities including research support, Intellectual property rights management and technology transfer. We are determined to avoid bureaucracies that find innovation difficult or tend to see innovative possibilities particularly radical ones as disruptive and try to suppress. We aim to pay attention to views of users, frontline and managers to provide a stock of new ideas and identify needs and alternative possibilities.

         This office builds on what we have achieved through international programs, Internationalization and Industrialization plan, an integral part of the strategic action plan (SAP) developed through the EU-FP7 project THEBERA coordinated by TBRI,these plans were concrete activities to establish TBRI as a competence center in innovative strategic bi-translational research. Our TICO office will help fulfilling our planed strategy.
             Theodor Bilharz Research Institute avails strongly contrasting disciplinary and professional perspectives that makes them see things differently and more likely to be innovative.
We are open to collaboration, national and international, we are aiming to broaden our networking activities, we encourage you explore our website, share us our activities involving workshops, and enhancing collaborative research and networking.

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Eng.Abdalla Farahat