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                                                                                                                “Define the Objective of Your Project”.

                                on the 1st and 2nd of February 2017 held a workshop in collaboration with Ministry of Education

Twenty-Seven talented students and their teachers from Giza educational directory led by the Head of talented students management at Giza District “Mrs Reda El Fakharani” attended the lectures given by Mrs Dina Ismail consultant of the head of Investment Authority and Dr. Maha Mahgoub President of Career Development Organization.

The aim of the workshop was ''How to choose the subject of a project and how to execute and present the final product''.

Work shop recommendations:

Assigning for each group of students dealing with the same subject a mentor to guide them in their project and answer their questions.
Parents of the students are advised to legally authorize the TISC team at the TICO office to address the patent office at ASRT.
The TISC team protects the student’s inventions to including filing for either patency or utility module.
The steps to be taken for Proto typing the inventions.
 Share advice to innovation exhibition markets after protection.

Action Points:

Parents empower the TISC team to file for patency at the patent office at ASRT.
The TISC team contacts the Central TISC office to revise the student's inventions by the corresponding specialists.
Mrs Dina Ismail at the authority investment to organize a workshop with ENGAZ to leverage the capacity building of the talented students.
TISC and TTO teams to contact Misr El Khair for the possibility of fostering the students to design their prototypes.Type your paragraph here.

Eng.Abdalla Farahat