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GICO Team Achievements

  • Execution of nine workshops in collaboration with different national and international agencies mainly ASRT and DAAD. The workshops focused on "international funding opportunities, proposal writing, presenting scientific data, methods of data collection and capacity development for internalization. Trainees ranged from 20-25 involving different researchers ranks.
  • Over the project duration of 2 years, researchers with GICO team support succeeded in submitting 14 proposals to various national and international funding agencies, some of them are still under assessment, meanwhile 2 researchers applied to international post-doctoral fellowships  
  • Establishment of two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with University of Basque Country, Spain and King Hussein Cancer Center, Jordan.
  • Coordinated with DAAD for marketing the achievements of TBRI during the last 5 years with the Technical University of Germany (TU München) to develop communication channels between TBRI researchers and the German universities.

  • A visit by Dr. Clarissa Prazeres da Costa, Professor of Parasitology, TUM is expected at the beginning of 2018 to arrange for a detailed MoU in view of TBRI researchers potential and achievements; specifically the field of schistosomiasis.
  •  Shared the Immunology Department, TBRI, the arrangement of the 1st symposium entitled "Epigenetics as Diagnostic, Prognostic and Therapeutic Tools in Liver Diseases" within the framework of MoU  between TBRI and University of Basque Country, Spain
  • Two researchers managed to win short-term training visits within the framework of the MOU with University of Basque Country, Spain. 
Eng.Abdalla Farahat