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  • Decide the research gaps to assign the priority needs by studying the whole matrix of research involving programs of collaborative research in view of the human power and infrastructure.
  • Provide timely notification of strategic funding and mobility opportunities that address research questions of importance to the community and the region.
  • Pursue strategic research activities not only by helping the establishment of competent research proposals but also by encouraging the trust between the community and academic partners; a very effective support to research activities. 

Grants and International Cooperation Office (GICO)


I-Guidance on choosing thematic priorities and the right research instrument.

II- Distribution of documentation (forms, guidelines, manuals etc. 

III-Training and assistance on proposal writing. 

IV- Assistance in consortium building for an effective research consortium. 

V. Advice on administrative procedures and contractual issues. 

VI. Assisting on the negotiation phase with the funding agencies.

VII. Assistance in the financial management .​

VIII. Guidance on the technical and scientific management of the research projects .

Specific objectives

leverage all collaborative opportunities at national, regional and international levels. We focus on partner-driven initiatives or transnational cluster initiatives through successful collaborative research projects with research institutions and industry to scale up research and technological development and support regional development.

Define and increase awareness regarding available funding opportunities for research projects at national and international levels, assist in the preparation of technology oriented research proposals as well as support the researchers in project management.

Eng.Abdalla Farahat