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Research Fields

Management  of endemic diseases affecting liver, gastrointestinal and urinary tracts:


Immuno-diagnosis (bacterial, viral and parasites of medical importance), tissue typing and monoclonal antibody production.
Microbiological identification and detection of emerging mechanisms in multi-drug- resistant bacteria
Protein chemistry purification, characterization and  molecular biology assays (conventional PCR, real time PCR, molecular-hybridization).
Nanotechnology applications.
Haematological, parasitological, histopathological examinations; immunohistochemical, genetic, molecular, cell image analysis and ultrastructural studies (SEM&TEM).
Radiological diagnosis; different imaging modalities (x-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasonography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging)
Endoscopic diagnosis; Upper GT endoscopy, ERCP, basic and advanced laparoscopic

Medical and surgical treatment:

Liver diseases and its complications .
Gastric, esophageal, inflammatory bowel disease, gastro-intestinal motility disorders, pancreatic and biliary diseases.
 Basic and advanced laparoscopic GIT surgery, biliary reconstruction, drainage of gallstones and obstructive jaundice.
Urinary tract, stones, incontinence, genitourinary trauma, congenital and functional, surgery of obstructive urology (resection and reconstruction of upper and lower urinary tract tumors.
Renal and hepatic transplantation.

Morbidity studies:

Impact of environmental and behavioral risk factors

Snail Control:

 Chemical and biological, biological and molecular characterizations of snails, genetic characterizations of trematodal parasites and reflection on biological development and susceptibility to drugs.


Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of, antiparasitic, antifibrotic, anti-inflammatory  and anesthetic drugs
 Antiparasitic efficacy studies in experimental and human infections     
Screening compound for  antischistosomal potency  
Monitoring the emergence of drug resistance to antischistosomals .
 Anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic potential of compounds
 Chemistry of Natural Products and their biological applications.

Quality control:

Development of quality based occupational safety, social medicine, nutrition , information systems and medical records .
Epidemiological studies and community participation of targeted population.

Eng.Abdalla Farahat