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TISC Team Achievements

The lecturers were Dr. Adel Owida, Head of IPR office at ASRT, his presentation focused on  (Importance of Intellectual property office and its role in supporting Innovation and Technology); members of ASRT office Pharmacist Fatma Samir presented (General introduction on intellectual property branches) and Pharmacist Alia Mohammed elaborated on  (Patentability criteria and patent filing). Attendees were 65 Researchers from different specialties at TBRI, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Zoology products Research Institute and The Egyptian council for Innovation, Creativity and Protection of Information (EICPI). The Participants and Organizers received Award Certificates.

A draft of Memorandum of Understanding was prepared between the TCO office at TBRI and the ECICPI.

The IPR team at the TICO office attended all workshops, held at TBRI and  the IPR office at ASRT and the workshop held by the EU.

​A workshop was held Monday 21st of March 2016 entitled: Innovative Research and IPR Management.

Innovative Research and IPR Management.                                          


Researchers from Theodor Bilharz Research Institute presented their innovative tools at the 2nd Fair for invention and innovation held by the Academy of Research and Technology during 24-25th November 2016 at the Baron Hotel.

Eng.Abdalla Farahat